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Hotel Covarrubias

Brisas Covarrubias is located in perfect surroundings at the finest white sands and clear blue waters beaches, north Las Tunas province. It is a four-star All-Inclusive resort, ideal for family vacations, Honeymoons and diving fans.

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Hotel Cuatro Palmas

The Cuatro Palmas hotel is located on the beautiful Varadero beach. This colonial style hotel features a courtyard surrounded by patios, red roofs and tropical gardens.

Hotel Daiquiri

Located in the beautiful areas of Cayo Guillermo, our luxury hotel is the ideal spot to spend a relaxing holiday next to a fine sandy beach surrounded by Caribbean nature, with tropical vegetation, fine sandy beaches and a coral reef 400 kilometres in length.

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Hotel Deauville

This strategically located hotel is right on the Malecón seafront – Havana’s famous coastal road with its own form of promenade life and architectural treasures. The situation makes the hotel ideal for visits to the old colonial city and equally ideal as a starting point for the renowned Havana nightlife. The terrace pool has panoramic views of the city.

Hotel Del Rijo

Built within sight of the Main Parish Church and very close to the bridge over the Yayabo River, both symbols of Sancti Spíritus, this hotel was built in 1827. Originally the residence of the illustrious Dr. Rudesindo García del Rijo, this building is of great heritage value, both for its architectural characteristics and because of its location.

Villa Don Lino

Surrounded by a reassuring ambiance, Villa Don Lino offers the visitor all the appropriate conditions to enjoy a pleasant stay.

Hotel Dos Mares

Beyond its Islamic rooted sober elegance, displaying semi-circled arches and red-clay-tiled roofs, this hotel is distinguished by the privacy, simple elegance, tranquility and familiarity of its ambiance. But above all, it provides guaranteed attention to its clients, who are delighted by the breathtaking landscape of the white sands and turquoise waters that face it.

Hotel E Plaza

The Plaza Hotel (E) is in the heart of Sancti Spíritus, facing Serafín Sánchez Park and near the Main Church. This feature distinguishes it, undoubtedly, as an Art Centre promoter of the local culture.

Hotel El Bosque

El Bosque Hotel is an extremely warm place due to its natural surroundings next to the Havana Forest, strip of land with and exuberant and beautiful vegetation that crosses part of the city. It is the exact combination to enjoy the advantages of being lodged in the middle of the city, and at the same time, staying away from the city´s noise.

Hotel Elguea

Elguea, with its friendly, pleasant climate is an excellent place to combine holidays and improvement of quality of life in a harmonic way. However its vital treasure is its mineral-medicinal thermal waters which due to their content represent a source of health. These are hyper-mineralized waters containing chlorine, sodium, bromine and trace amounts of radon and sulphide. Average temperatures are 45 degrees Celsius with a 25 liter per second flow.



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