Cuban Mojito is the Favorite Cocktail in France

Tuesday, 19 February 2013News
Cuban Mojito is the Favorite Cocktail in France

PARIS, France -- The mojito, a Cuban cocktail made with rum, sugar, lime and mint, is the most popular drink in French bars and restaurants, according to a study published Monday.

According to Nielsen CGA society, market analysis specialist, nearly a third of consumers prefer the mojito, a figure that equates with the classic French appetizer kir, made from white wine and cassis liqueur.

The survey was conducted in more than 2500 gastronomic establishments and 1000 persons between 18 and 60 years old.

A company statement from Nielsen notes that "the mojito is so popular that almost becomes a beverage category in its own right."

The study also highlights an increase in the consumption of cocktails at a general level, especially among young people, although the price, relatively high, between four and eight euros depending on location, is an obstacle for its popularization.

According to tradition, the mojito was born in Cuba in the first half of the twentieth century and among those who helped to give greater international diffusion is the American writer and Nobel Prize in Literature Ernest Hemingway.

While the formulas for its preparation have varied along its diffusion, and some prepare it adding tequila or champagne, the classic recipe requires a genuine Havana Club rum, say the experts.

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