Genetic Project entitled "The Cubans"

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Genetic Project entitled "The Cubans"

Cubans’ first sin was to have a disproportionate appreciation for the standard of living and progress.

The second sin was that before 1959 its national currency was worth more than the dollar.

The third sin was to create music for the world?

But Cubans’ worst sin was to build a city from a former swamp in Florida and turn it into the United States' port to the Americas and an obligated center for world tourism. Whoever denies this sin to the industrious Cubans is hallucinating or an envious person.

Then, are Cubans bad, so–so, or simply very good?

Jesus Christ set a rule for human conduct when He said: “You will be able to know them by their fruits”. So you have here in Miami, a rule to measure the Cubans.

I am not of Cuban heritage. I don’t believe Cubans are either, because the true Cubans were the Taino, the Siboney and the Guanahatabey natives that inhabited the beautiful island, and who were exterminated for those that later on, started the new Cuban people.

I believe the term “Cuban” is something like a nobility title. You cannot even say that Cuban means a race. The Cuban people include everything: European White, Blacks, Mulattoes and even Asians.

According to my understanding, being a Cuban is only a genetic project well conceived in a place called Cuba. I really believe Cubans are different to all other Latin Americans. Maybe the reason they are so special is because its geographic location or its Euro–African ancestry.

Cubans talk loud, gesticulate with their hands, are overbearing and make fun of everybody, but also of themselves and of their disgraces. They extract art out of their pain and from their joys they make veritable zarzuelas (Spanish light operas).

The Cuban is usually not a racist but he is class-conscious. "The good thing about Miami is that here all waters reach their own level”, a Cuban friend told me once, referring to the social classes, supposedly eliminated in Cuba so the rabble would mix with the high and educated stratum.

Nevertheless, the Cuban freed the Black Cubans well before the American Blacks were freed. They were never called Afro-Cubans in Cuba, but simply, Cubans. A Cuban Black is as Cuban as a White or a Mixed one.

Cubans however, especially those living in Miami, are one of the more vilified people in the world. I sincerely believe there is a lot of envy in these criticisms. Their extraordinary success annoy a lot, their five Congresspersons in the United States Congress, their enormous economic power, their political influence, their desire to work and progress, the imposition of their language and costumes and much more.

The Cuban due to his intelligence and hard–working habits will never be able to escape his destiny. He will always have next to him his brother Cain and his friend Cain with all those races and ethnic groups that cannot stand the success of others and want to crush the winners.

I lived in Miami during the 60s, when Cubans started to arrive in great numbers. They did not have anything, only a big pride and an immense sorrow for leaving their beautiful island behind. I soon realized these people did not come to the United States to look for a plate of food. They came with the soul of colonizers, looking for progress and freedom of expression and ideas; and they conquered these lands, so later on they could raise this great cosmopolitan city which is today’s Miami.

What would have happened to the Island of Cuba if its people would have been allowed to use their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit? Probably it would truly be “The Pearl of the Antilles”, the envy of Latin America and many other countries.

Cubans are comparable to the Jewish or Italian communities in the United States that lifted themselves triumphantly after years of ups and downs.

What would happen to Miami if Cubans leave? No other nationality would be able to imprint such flavor and happiness to the City of Miami. That is why I like so much the lyrics of the song by Cuban singer Marisela Verena… “We the Cubans and the rest of humankind…”

Andy Bergen
A Proud American Who Admires the Cubans!

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