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Sunday, 08 August 2010News

Dear Colleagues:

Cubazul Tour & Travel is pleased to announce the release of our new

Our new site has been entirely redesigned with a more attractive and fresh
looking. Counting with a much stronger infrastructure that in the long term
will let you stay up to date with what is going on in the controversial world
of Tourism.

We believe that the use of new technologies and the gradual introduction
of new features will allow us to get closer to all the people interested
in knowing or enjoying this wonderful point in the Universe - Cuba.

A long road is ahead of us, and the challenge is even bigger. As an starting
point we are releasing this website with only two Hotels, willing to make
you a witness of its dynamic nature. While we roll up our sleeves, and put
our hands to work, we invite you to visit the Provinces of Cuba or to
check the vast amount of Offers at your disposal.

Please, contact us if you experience any problems with the new website or if
you have any suggestion. And, keep in touch! If we ensure your satisfaction,
the effort would not be in vain.

Truly yours,

Cubazul Tour & Travel

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