18th International Modern & Afro-Latin Dance Workshop - Workuba '2012

Workuba '2012
Saturday, 18 February 2012 to Sunday, 26 February 2012

Workuba, an open festival of dance and theater that brings together the various dances of the Americas that have their roots in traditional African rhythms and dance, and blends these influences with Modern Dance.

We offer you a unique opportunity to experience modern dance with a latin flavor in a workshop that has as its historical setting the Havana. The event will include classes of Afro-Cuban Folklore, Rueda & Cuban Salsa, Danzón, Modern Dance, Cuban Rumba/ Afro-Brazilian, Tango and Milonga, Ballet.

Also there will be Performing Arts Workshops about Theatre, Pantomime, stage direction, voice and diction, theater for children, including Artistic Presentations.

Location: Teatro América (América Theater) - 253 Galiano Ave, Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba.

Our Offers

Let us welcome you to Workuba '2012. With the following excellent-quality offers Cubazul Tour & Travel is trying to satisfy the most demanding customers and certainly accommodating you very close to the location of the workshop, the magnificent Teatro América.

Just contact us if you have any question or if you are looking for an even more exclusive offer.

Single: $59.00 CUC
Double: $45.00 CUC
Dinner: $16.00 CUC
Distance = 0.56 km (*)
Single: $59.00 CUC
Double: $45.00 CUC
Dinner: $16.00 CUC
Distance = 0.42 km (*)
Lido 2*
Single: $39.00 CUC
Double: $29.00 CUC
Dinner: $12.00 CUC
Distance = 0.37 km (*)
Single: $32.00 CUC
Double: $25.00 CUC
Dinner: $12.00 CUC
Distance = 0.57 km (*)

(*) The distance to the location of the workshop: Teatro América.


  • Breakfast

Not Included (Optionals)

  • Transfer In/Out - $50.00 CUC per Pax
  • Tour "My Colonial Havana" - $19.00 CUC per Pax
  • Tour "Modern Havana Inside" - $19.00 CUC per Pax
  • Tour "Eastern Beaches with Lunch" (for groups with 10+ Pax) - $29.00 CUC per Pax


  • 5% - 3rd Pax (off the price per Pax in Double Room)
  • 50% - children from 3-12 years
  • 100% - children from 0-3 years

América Theater

Galiano 253 e/ Neptuno y Concordia
Centro Habana , La Habana
23° 8' 18.3624" N, 82° 21' 47.9988" W
La Habana CU

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