Hoteles C

The "C" in our hotel administration trademark represents Calidad (Quality), Compromiso (Commitment), and Capacidad (Capacity), all of which are human potentials. From the beginning and during the development of our Caribbean operation to our next expansion into the Costa Del Sol, where our headquarters are currently based, you the Client, our only purpose for existence, have not been and will not be left in doubt when choosing our commercial name: **Hoteles C**. Our own operation model, which continuously incorporates modern hotel information and technologies, along with several avenues of commecialisation and with constant direct and indirect access to the internacional tourism markets, helps us predict business outcomes in terms of quality and bottomline, instead of risking ourselves by encountering them. We are well adapted to the new era of information and communcation technologies. However, we continue to maintain highly personalised services because we know that when it comes to services, the human factor is key.

4 Accommodations

Namesort descending Category Type # R Province Tourist Destination Features
Hotel 92 La Habana La Habana (Ciudad) All Inclusive . Beach
Los Pinos
Villa 26 La Habana La Habana (Ciudad) Beach
Playa Caleta
Hotel 255 Matanzas Varadero All Inclusive
Hotel 188 La Habana La Habana (Ciudad) All Inclusive . Beach