Open Voucher

Meet our system Open Voucher, this will provide the opportunity and freedom to tour Cuba in a very economically way, using your own imagination.

  • You can create your own itinerary and explore the beauties of our country, visiting famous places, and places little known and less tourism, particularly its air.
  • Our bonds are accepted in more than 60 HOTELS distributed throughout the country with a fixed cost.
  • But you can decide to stay and the route from your country or do it on the march in Cuba.
  • You can choose to rent a car to tour Cuba and we offer the opportunity to travel with INTERBUS (Vía Azul), which will buy daily passes that allow you to move around tourist routes operated.


  • The TTOO will deliver to the customer the program’s voucher, on customer’s arrival to the country he will deliver it to CUBATUR’s Assistant at airports of entry (Havana / Varadero / Holguin / Santiago de Cuba)
  • The voucher issued by the TTOO must explicitly state OPEN VOUCHER CUBATUR, reflecting the date of commencement and termination of the stance, and the names of clients and quantity Pax.
  • The CUBATUR’s assistant or guide, redeem the voucher issued by the TTOO, handing the customer the book of vouchers for accommodation (a voucher per room and for each night of stance in accordance with the reserved and stated in the AGENCY’s voucher), he will also deliver other vouchers selecting other services (RENT/INTERBUS)

Very Important

  • For this program there’is not minimum nights set.
  • Accommodation will be at EP or CP.
  • Children 0-12 years are FREE to accompany one or two adults (maximum two children or one child respectively).
  • Reservations will be necessary to request and the BOOKING FOR THE FIRST NIGHT. The availability of rooms is not guaranteed, we recommend calling 24 hours prior to the hotel you choose to ask about the availability of rooms.
  • Reservations accepted within the fixed program, including bonds and RENT INTERBUS.
  • In all cases those vouchers NO used are NOT refundable. Nor are reimbursable voucher stolen or lost by customers.

Price includes

  • Accommodation in double or single room in any of the facilities identified in the enclosed list and is valid for a maximum of 2 pax.
  • Collective Transfer (in the case of NO CAR RENTAL), from the International Airport to the hotel and booked the arrival of the customer.
  • Information Kit: Road Map / Vouchers for Hotels / Hotel List including (locations and phone numbers) / CUBATUR’s Offices in Cuba / General Information.
  • Phonecard.

Price DO NOT include

  • Car rental price
  • Prices of the transfer in INTERBUS
  • These services must be requested in addition to the package of Open Voucher, IS NOT MANDATORY