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Panoramic view of the Havana
**Cubazul Tour & Travel** is a Travel and Tourism Agency tailored to your needs. Our specialty is to transform this beautiful island located in the Caribbean - [150:**Cuba**] - into a _Tourist Paradise_ you will always want to return. We make all necessary arrangements for your travel and stay in the country, including: accommodation, transportation, entertainment, activities, excursions and more. With us you can experience the beauty of our beaches and their warm waters. Venture to climb the highest elevation, the Pico Turquino in the Sierra Maestra. Observe the world famous cigar tobacco vegas in Pinar del Rio. Dazzle by the exotic landscape of the keys in the north and south of the island. Delight yourself in the nocturnal magic of the bay of Matanzas and Cienfuegos. Or just learn to dance with the rhythm of the good Cuban music in a nightclub, an old square or a traditional park. Likewise, our reach extends far beyond traditional tourism, being able to please the most discerning tastes and the most sophisticated demands. Trust us with your wishes and the result will be various offers at your disposal with the best available prices and unprecedented quality. We are within the reach of a phone call or a [746:simple email], 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
### Traditional Thematics ### * Accommodations * Excursions * Beaches * Tourist Offers * Car rental * Transportation Services * Transfers * Flights
### Distinctive Thematics ### * Central America and the Caribbean multi destiny * Cultural Tourism * Specialized Tourism * Exclusive Programs * Programs for low-income Students * Encounters with Music Schools * International Chorus Encounters * Encounters with Orchestras * Festivals * Museums * Hunt and Fishing * Flora and Fauna Observation * Diving and Underwater Activities * Hiking and Trekking * Ballet Classes * Honeymoons
Wherever you are, you can call one of our representatives or visit our Head Office. Your concerns will be represented by the professionalism that characterizes us and supported by the extensive experience we have in the tourism sector. [746:Contacting us] is the only required step for your satisfaction.

Head Office

Accessible and easy to locate, our **Head Office** is open seven days a week during business hours (09:00am to 05:00pm) - Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Hotel Tritón, Suite 622. Miramar
Playa , La Habana
La Habana CU


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