Cubagua - 2019

Cubagua - 2019
Tuesday, 19 March 2019 to Friday, 22 March 2019
## Organizers and Sponsors ## * National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (Cuba). * National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba (UNAICC). * Society of Hydraulic Engineering. * Autonomous University of Chapingo (Mexico). * United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO). * National Council of Hydrographic Basins (CNCH). * UPADI. * Hydraulic Research Center. ## Main Themes ## **Exhibition of water technologies and products.** **XIV International Congress of Hydraulic Engineering.** * Climate change and water resources. * Supply, alternative sources and water reuse. * Hydraulic works: economy, design and construction. * Hydroalic fundamental and hydrodynamic. * General hydrology and hydrogeochemistry. * Engineering education and water culture. * Legal policies and regulations * New technologies and emerging technologies applied to Hydraulic Engineering * II Forum of Young Water Professionals. **X International Seminar on the integral use of water.** * Water use in agriculture. * Public and urban use. * Use of water in industry and renewable energy. * Use of water in recreation and tourism. * Water, sanitation and Health. * Integral Management of Water Resources. **II Integrated watershed management workshop.** * Management of shared watersheds. * Watershed relations - coastal area. * Application of mathematical models in watershed management. * Integrated management in watersheds. Indicators and legal aspects. * Operation of Watershed Councils. * Water Use Plan in watersheds. * Land Management Plan in Hydrographic Basins. * Sustainable management of soils, waters and forests. * Protection of water quality in watersheds. * Water availability and the impact of climate change. * Delimitation and coding of watersheds. **III Technical - commercial symposium** ## Registration fee ## * Delegates expositors: CUC 300.00 * Delegates not expositors: CUC 340.00 * Students: CUC 80.00 * Foreign Companions: CUC 120.00 **Speakers and Non-Speakers:** Official registration to the event, delivery of the materials, welcome cocktail, farewell activity, technical visits, directory of participants and participation certificate. **Students:** (Must present a document accrediting your Higher Education Center undergraduate) Welcome Cocktail, Farewell Activity, Technical Visits and Certificate of participation. **Companion:** Welcome cocktail, farewell activity, tour of attractive places in Havana, Technical Visits and Souvenir. ## Tourist Package ## [1:Cubazul Tour & Travel] has designed a tour package that includes: * Daily accommodation with breakfast included. * Transfer Airport – Hotel – Airport. * Transfer to work sessions (except Palco hotel). * Transfer to gala inagural (ver traducción) * Visit the Aqueduct.
Hotel Double Single
Hotel Palco 4* CUC 86.00 CUC 99.00
Hotel Comodoro 4* CUC 86.00 CUC 101.00
Hotel Panorama 4* CUC 151.00 CUC 191.00
Hotel Melia Habana 5* CUC 199.00 CUC 290.00

**(*)** Prices expressed by pax per night.

Palacio de las Convenciones de La Habana

Calle 146 e/ 11 y 13. Reparto Cubanacán
Playa, , La Habana
23° 5' 17.61" N, 82° 27' 19.2672" W
La Habana CU

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