XVIII Congress of the Cuban Society of Nursing

Congreso Enfermeria 2019
Monday, 09 September 2019 to Friday, 13 September 2019
""Contribution of Nursing to the achievement of sustainable development objectives"."
## Announcement ## Dear Colleague: Health is a human right, because of its social dimension requires the will of the governments of the countries, where the different sectors of society intervene, oriented to guarantee full coverage of the qualified human resources that improve the health of the populations, prolong and raise the quality of life of people, families and the community, developing health promotion actions, modifiable risk prevention, rehabilitation, cure and continuous care, focused on health care, as well as satisfaction with the services provided. Among the challenges of the nursing profession is to have a body of knowledge and skills obtained through research, teaching and management, which can increase their competence, improve the coverage and quality of services, plan effective and efficient care systems in costs, which cover the needs of the population at any level of care. Nursing services are essential to promote health, prevent diseases and renew care for people, based on the values ??of equality, solidarity and social justice, with an active role in community actions, leaders in the development of systems health, in the achievement of coverage and universal access, collaborating in the prosperous and sustainable development of health systems. With the aim of socializing experiences of the actions developed in the countries in the Contribution of the nursing profession to the achievement of sustainable development, we meet at the Havana Convention Palace, Cuba, from 9 to 13 September 2019. ## Organizers and Sponsors ## **Organized** * Cuban Society of Nursing. (SOCUENF) **Sponsors** * Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), Cuba. * National Council of Scientific Societies of Health (CNSCS), Cuba. * Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Cuba. * Fund of the United Nations for Children (UNICEF), Cuba. * Foundation for the Development of Nursing (FUDEN), Spain. * Nursing Foundation of Castilla y León (FECYL), Spain. * University of Medical Sciences of Havana. * National School of Public Health (ENSAP), Cuba. * School of Nursing "Lidia Doce", Cuba. * National Center for Information on Medical Sciences (CNICM), Cuba. * National Center for Promotion and Education for Health (CNPES), Cuba. * College of Nurses of Spain. * Pan American Federation of Nursing Professionals (FEPPEN), Argentina. ## Organizing Committee ## **Presidents:** * MSc. Idalmis Georgina Infante Ochoa. President of the Cuban Society of Nursing. Cuba **Vice-presidents:** * MSc. Lázaro Luis Hernández Vergel. Cuban Society of Nursing (Socuenf). Cuba. * MSc. Emma Hernández Valdés. Cuban Society of Nursing (Socuenf). Cuba. ## Scientific Comittee ## * President: MSc. Lázaro Luis Hernández Vergel. Cuba. **Members** * Dra.C Niurka Vialart Vidal. Cuba. * Dr. Nelcy Martínez Trujillo. Cuba * Dr. Carlos Agustín León Román. Cuba * Dra.C Judit Caballero Báez. Cuba ## Main Themes ## * Training of nursing human resources from the scientific-technical and humanistic perspective. * Management of nursing knowledge. * Process of determination, validation and certification of professional and occupational skills of nursing. * Accreditation of nursing training programs. * Pedagogical trends for teaching care. * Clinical leadership of nursing in care management. * Nursing in health policies and systems, its importance in coverage and universal access to health. * Quality of patient care and safety, accreditation and certification, standardization and protocolization of nursing practice. * Nursing skills to manage care through clinical judgment, reflective criticism and the exercise of the scientific method of action. * Nursing in risk services. * Nursing in the community, its integration into the basic health team. * History, current situation and perspectives of nursing. * Nursing as a force for sustainable development. * Scientific evidence and new paradigms as a basis for nursing research, its scientific-methodological implications in care. * Scientific-technical, ethical and human perspectives of nursing. * Information and communication technologies as tools to manage and disseminate nursing knowledge. ## Registration fee ## * Delegates / Expositors: CUC 300.00 * Students: CUC 250.00 * Foreign companions: CUC 150.00 For the registration fee all participants are entitled to: credential, Documentation of the Colloquium, participation in the virtual event and in all scientific and social activities, certificates of attendance that guarantee 40 hours of the Colloquium. ## Tourist Package ## [1:Cubazul Tour & Travel] has designed a tour package that includes: * Daily accommodation with breakfast included. * Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport. * Transfer to work sessions (except Palco Hotel). * Personalized assistance. * Guide service.
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Hotel Panorama 4* CUC 100.00 CUC 135.00
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Palacio de las Convenciones de La Habana

Calle 146 e/ 11 y 13. Reparto Cubanacán
Playa , La Habana
23° 5' 17.61" N, 82° 27' 19.2672" W
La Habana CU

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