Pestana Group

The **Pestana Group** is a portuguese hotelery group which celebrated its 40th anniversary on the 20th of November 2012. Celebrating a successful four decade journey the Group now owns and manages more than 90 hotels in Portugal and abroad that offer integrated and attractive packages to the markets. It all began in Madeira, where the group opened its first hotel in 1972, the iconic Pestana Carlton Madeira. A hotel with more than 300 rooms, built by Manuel Pestana, the Group's founder and father of Dionísio Pestana, who returned to his homeland to fulfill the dream of building a luxury hotel in the island. It is, however, in its main business, the hotels, that Pestana Group is recognized as a leader. Over the past 40 years, the group, which has experienced cycles and counter cycles, has continued to grow and invest in a sustained manner. In all Pestana operates in nine business divisions: hotels, golf, gaming, real estate tourism, aviation, tourism distribution, timesharing, industry and financial services. 40 Years on the Group continues to explore new ways of development, within and outside the country. In the coming years, the main European and South American cities will continue to be the group’s strategic goals.
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