Driving Cuba

To learn more about the [150:**"Big Island" of the Caribbean**], we introduce the product **Driving Cuba**, in its two formats, which will provide you the ability to move around at will, driving a car, to places of greatest predilection in any corner of the island, in a more exciting and enjoyable way. ## Formats ## * Program including the selected car pick up at the airport. * Program including the _transfer in_ to the hotel and delivery of the car at the coordinated rental point. ## Generalities ## * Product that includes car and accommodation choices in more than 120 hotels in 12 provinces. * Product **Driving Cuba** sets a minimum of 3 nights and as many days of car rental. Every night of accommodation booking is equivalent to one day of car rental. * Extensive support coverage. * It has a great flexibility for hotels booking. ## Accommodation ## * The client can, once you get into the country, according to the hotel availability, make reservations for accommodation in the desk or through our Agency. * Subject to availability of the hotels, you can spend all your time in one hotel or change it every day. * Accommodation includes breakfast (CP Plan). * For hotels operating in the "All Inclusive" plan, customers will pay the supplement per Pax x Night in CUC directly at the Hotel desk. * Accommodation will be in a standard double room. * In a double standard room can stay a maximum of 2 adults and a children of 0-12 years. ## Car ## * The car models available for the program belong to the rental agencies Cubacar and Havanatur. * The cars will be in the categories Economic, Medium, Medium High. * The order will be received in one of the rental offices in the country. * When making the pick up or the return of the car in a Rental Office located at any international airports, the customer must pay an additional fee of $ 20.00 CUC. ## The Offer ## ### Includes ### * Accommodation in standard double room in any of the available hotels. * Selected car in one of the following categories: Economic / Medium / Medium High * Release of Liability * Information Kit which contains: Holster, Checkbook Vouchers valid per room and representing the payment x night in the accommodation in the Program's hotels, car rental, Program Catalog, Map of Cuba, Cuban Highway Guide, Discount Bonds in PALMARES Restaurants, Notepad. ### Do NOT Includes ### * Guarantee Deposition * Fuel ### Discounts ### * Children from 0-3 years: **FREE** * Children from 3-12 years: 50%