Cienfuegos - Other Places

Tourist Attractions

It historic center, declared a national monument, has as its center the former Plaza de Armas, now José Martí Parks, with the only triumphal arch in Cuba. Around it, important public buildings were erected, such as the Purísima Concepción Church, built in 1819 and beautifully decorated with French stained-glass windows.

Tomás Terry Theater, inaugurated in 1890, witch preserves the splendor witnessed by Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso and ballerina Ana Pavlova, when they performed there. In addition, there is the Ferrer Palace, with a neo-rococo design: San Lorenzo Academy, where history and art come together to create an unforgettable sight for visitors; and the Palatino restaurant, located in the oldest house surrounding the park.

Del Valle Palace is another jewel. Its design brings together Moorish, Bysantine, Venetian, Gothic and baroque elements. From its terrace, one discovers a lovely panorama of Cienfuegos Bay.

The Prado Promenade of this city of Cienfuegos is the largest of its type on the island, offering a singular view of the urban area.