Península de Guanahacabibes

Tourist Attractions

The Península de Guanahacabibe's Reserve of the Biosphere is located on the west end of the province. There are here two natural reserves on the limits of its scarcely developed touristic areas: El Veral and Cabo Corrientes.

The International Diving Center, María la Gorda, with nearly 40 diving sites and an abundant colony of Black Coral on its bottoms is an excelent option for diving lovers.

The Roncalli lighthouse in El Cabo de San Antonio, virtually located at the entrance of the Peninsula de Yucatán; fishing and hunting sites; and a renown beach resort with mineral-medicinal waters in San Diego de los Baños; represent more possibilities for enjoyment in Pinar del Río. In this province all visitors feel the urge to meet the extensive plantations of the best tobacco in the world and taste a unique liqueur produced here in an artistic way: Guayabita del Pinar.