Modern Havana Special

Land – Exclusive
$41.00 CUC per Pax
Frequency: Tuesday
Duration: 6 hours

Departure: 09:00

  • Children from 0-2 years: FREE
  • Children from 3-12 years: 25%
* Pick up at hotels. * Visit to the Parque de los Jagüeyes on Calle 5ta y 24, current "Emiliano Zapata" Park and the Church of Santa Rita. * Visit to the Metropolitan Park of Havana, green lung of the city, where you can appreciate the Cuban flora. * View to the Necropolis of Colón, National Monument, where you can see the tomb of the Miraculous, the Tobias Gallery, the Museum of Funerary Art and the tomb of the Conde de la Mortera. * Visit to the Bocoy Ron Factory. * Panoramic tour in Vedado to admire varied mansions examples of different architectural styles such as Decorative Art, Modernism, Eclecticism, Gothic, Baroque, and others in the Avenue of Presidents and Paseo Street that are still family homes. * Visit to the La Cecilia Tourist Complex. * Cantina class. Preparation by a Barman of the preparation of the following cocktails: Mojito, Cuba Libre and Cubanito, with the preparation of the Welcome Cocktail and you will receive a Certificate of the House on the preparation received. * Preparation for each tourist of the preferred cocktail, to ingest it later. * Lunch that includes: *Bread with butter, Vegetable salad, Ajiaco Criollo, Main dish to select: Roasted leg of pork with juice / Roast chicken in Cyril sauce / Smoked loin in Chef sauce / Ropa Vieja. Garrison: Moors and Christians / Viandas. Dessert to select: Ice cream, Flan or Torrejas. Coffee or tea. Two national drinks to choose from (soft drinks, juices, water, beer or a glass of house wine).* * Return to the hotel. **NOTE: The initial price shown is for groups of 10 pax or more.** **Prices per pax** * 1 pax: CUC 122.00 * 2 pax: CUC 74.00 * 3 pax: CUC 72.00 * 4 pax: CUC 61.00 * 5 pax: CUC 53.00 * 6 pax: CUC 48.00 * 7 pax: CUC 44.00 * 8 pax: CUC 42.00 * 9 pax: CUC 43.00
valid until 31.Oct.2019