Overnight Santa Clara - Trinidad

Land – Collective
$195.00 CUC per Pax
Frequency: Tuesday . Thursday . Saturday
Duration: 48 hours

Departure: 07:00

  • Children from 0-2 years: FREE
  • Children from 3-12 years: 0%
### Day 1 ### * Pick up in the hotel and departure toward Cienfuegos city. Brief tour around the historical centre of the city, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO * Lunch in a local restaurant * Continue the trip to Trinidad * Visit to Manaca Iznaga Tower, in the Sugar Mills Valley * Tour around the historical centre with a stop at the Pottery House and La Canchánchara bar where you can enjoy a typical cocktail * Visit to a museum in the city * Hotel accommodation or private house with dinner included * Free night ### Day 2 ### * Breakfast in the hotel or private house; * Continue the trip to St. Spíritus, tour around the city; * Transfer to Santa Clara City. * Sightseeing around Santa Clara city, visit the Armoured Train and Che's museum and Mausoleum; * Lunch in a local restaurant; * Return to Havana. **Prices** * Adults, DBL Room: $195.00 CUC per pax * Adult, SGL Room: $213.00 CUC per pax * Children 3 to 12 years old: $147.00 CUC
valid until 31.Oct.2019